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Diez Díaz : A Raw Synth-Heavy Journey through the Electronic mind of Ten Days.

Written by Hrushabh Talapadatur

Edited by Karina del Mar | June 2021

Diez Díaz is a self-titled debut album from electronic artist/producer and pianist, Ten Days. The album consists of ten raw, energetic, and synth-heavy tracks produced by Ten Days between the years 2017 - 2020. The album, released in August 2020, showcases a skilful level of electronic music production that switches genres every so often in order to strengthen the sonoral proposal Ten Days offers as an artist and a producer. From reggaeton, to 80’s electro-pop and even a dash of house, Diez Díaz (2020) is a masterpiece of electronic music.

Artwork created by Ten Days for Diez Díaz (2020)

“I am interested in not just one genre, but a bunch of genres. That makes me not one single person, but a bunch of different types of people.” - Ten Days for TALKZ


TALKZ : Interview with Ten Days

As part of TalkingLabz's TALKZ Interviews, our Director of Songwriting, JP Goldman, interviewed Ten Days for his album Diez Díaz. The album was produced by Ten Days and mastered by TalkingLabz's Head of Production, Varun Nayyar. Watch the full interview in our YouTube Channel!


DIEZ DíAZ (2020)

Diez Díaz begins with “Nameless”, a track that welcomes with a splash of vivid shimmering synthesizer sounds laden with a lot of anxiety. Inviting the listener into Ten Days’ imagination, he welcomes you into a world that promises fun and an engagement with thought. The fun begins with a celebration in “Viaje Largo” where Puerto Rican artist Gerry Pomales delivers a soothing yet exciting rap. It continues on with “Hexagonales”, where uplifting gospel-like chords merged with intriguing synth, guitar, and horn sounds demand your attention.

Through the songs “8:40” and “A Child Again”, Diez Díaz begins to shift its fun energy course towards a more contemplative atmosphere. Ten Days stays true to his primordial synth-based instrumentation, although there is no denying the emotional increase that begins with the mellow guitar samples and soulful-breathing flute solo in “8:40” as well as the keys’s arrangement in the introduction of “A Child Again”.

With “El Tiempo Pasa Lento” - featuring singer and songwriter, Cuentosparaa- the album Diez Díaz, takes a pause… you have now entered deeper into Ten Days’ world and taken a deep breath. As you exhale, the relaxing groove of a summer love in “Come On Over”- featuring singer-songwriter Karla Lozada- stabilizes the calmness with a danceable energy.

These are the moments in Diez Díaz of relief and resignation which releases an anxious energy that was unavoidable until now.

With a strong sense of nostalgia, Ten Days’ songs introduce a more relaxed vibe although there is a continuous push and pull with apprehensive emotions that resurfaces throughout the track, “Plah”. Once we reach the track “Phaser Blanco”, we feel at the end of a soul searching journey from which you have come out wiser and actualised. The track flows easily into “5 Percent” which Ten Days produced through the use of modular and granular synthesis.

The last three tracks on Diez Díaz complement the first 3 songs by solidifying the intentions of creating a poly-genre, synth driven electronic album. The album takes you on a journey from innocence to maturity, carefreeness to carefulness, eagerness to confidence all without losing the essence of the album. The music, as well as the sonic ideas, get more complex, imaginative, and retrospective.


Ten Day’s journey into electronic music started when he was 12 years old after spending many years studying classical piano. Aiming to be creative, but with a desire to make some money on the side, he was then introduced to the world of DJ'ing. With 2 channel mixers, a collection of music, and 2 speakers, he began playing at every single pari de marquesina (backyard parties) in the north part of Puerto Rico! His success and passion led him to ultimately perform in the top electronic festivals of Puerto Rico from Electric Holiday, Life in Color, Yellow, BeachBombing, Hot Evolution, and so many more. From 2014 to 2017, Ten Days studied classical music composition through the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico and in 2018 he was accepted into the Electronic Production and Design program at Berklee College of Music. After years or releasing multiple original and remix singles, Ten Days' debut album was shared with the world in 2020. [[ IG|FB|TW - @itstendays ]]


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Karan Vats
Karan Vats
Jun 05, 2021

This blog is so informative. Will check out the artist for sure!

J.p. Goldman
J.p. Goldman
Jun 05, 2021
Replying to

I know right? I'm loving these reviews.

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