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About Us

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TalkingLabz is an audio production house that believes in building creative alliances for the collective growth of the music community. Decades of industry experience, a strong local and national network and a diverse skill set empowers us to work with an array of talent on various kinds of projects. From self-taught instrumentalists to seasoned producers, and Acapella groups to jingle-writers, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our work. 


Our mission is to build a community – one where knowledge and skill is shared for the collective benefit of its patrons. We seek to evolve from the currently traditional landscape of the music industry, to imbibe and induce a more progressive ecosystem by virtue of collaboration.


With an understanding of the challenges of the music industry and its dynamic and uncertain nature, we, as your creative partners, hand you the keys to our wealth of resources, and work tirelessly with you to see your project through to its realisation. In other words, we have your back!


To come together over ideas and endeavours. To share our mutual love for music. To invoke a new wave of thought, all in the pursuit of the perfect sound.


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