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TalkingLabz, located in the neighbourhood of Allston in the City of Boston Massachusetts, offers their studio for podcast recording services. Their beautiful drum room and control room serve as cozy and ready-to-record spaces for podcasts, interviews, live-streams, and more. For when your project is completed, TalkingLabz also offers audio editing, mixing, and mastering services too! So your message is clear and your audience can connect better to the creativity behind your original work.

Membership Benefits and Rules

1. Per month renewable membership for $150/month. TL holds the right to change or cancel any session if timing conflicts with TL business work.

2. This includes 16 hours/month of studio time

3. Hourly rate without membership $40/hours, with membership is $9.5/hour (76% discount)

4. The membership does not include an engineer. Optional to hire an in-house engineer. Engineer time: Regular $30/hour. Membership price: $20/hour

5. We reserve the right to cancel membership with notice.

6. We offer various discounts for students, Berklee Alumni and others. Get in touch an ask!

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